Body Wraps / Paraffin

Herbal body wraps or paraffin (hot wax) surround the entire body promoting detoxification and relaxation.

Stop smoking and anti-cellulite wraps available.

* Stop smoking wraps and anti-cellulite/reducing wraps must be started and completed within 15 days.

$70 per session / $650 for series of 7

4 Layer Facial

Replaces minerals that are vital for youthful skin. For skin that is dull, depleted by the environment, and stressed. This facial will infuse free radical fighting ingredients from the sea. Soothes and tightens with clay and vitamin C. Extremely hydrating!

$95 session

Aromatherapy Facial

This basic skin cleansing is provided using warm steam towels infused with scented oils and a relaxing facial massage followed with a custom mask.

$90 per 90 minute session

$65 per 60 minute session

Full body/ partial waxing

Never shave again…ever! Our studio uses both hard and soft wax to remove any unwanted hair from almost anywhere on the body. The procedure is perfect for men and women concerned with hair on their face, neck, arms , legs and much more! Most hair removal lasts 6-8 weeks! Full body $110 (legs, arms, underarms ,brows, chin , upper lip, nostrils)

Brazillian $80 (male and female)

Legs or arms only $40

Facial $15 per area or $35 for brows, chin and upper lip

Gentlemans wax (eyebrows,ears,nostrals and arms) $65

Underarms $25

Plasma Ablation

Plasma Ablation is not cosmetic surgery; it is based on the same patented, low temperature radio wave technology that, since 1998 has been used successfully to treat plastic surgery patients. This procedure produces incredible results, often with a noticeable change in one treatment, with no irritation and no down time.

>Promotes Collagen Stimulation Tightens the skin tissue

>Hydrates and rejuvenates the epidermis

>Breaks-up hyper pigmentation

>Treats acne, Rosacea, Melasma, and fine lines

>Sterilizes the skin

>Treats Acne Scarring

$120 per 90 minute session


This treatment can be likened to a superficial skin polishing' using micro-crystals vacuumed through a delicate hand piece. In as little as twenty minutes, this gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results, combating signs of aging skin and achieving what no other available treatment can (without surgery).

* includes mini facial

$135 per session

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been used in society from the times of ancient Egypt to present. The process was and is still used to diminish undesirable discoloration, minimize wrinkles and decrease acne. Peels will be done only at the recommendation of the esthetician and after preparing the skin with the proper products two weeks prior.

The cost is $120


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