Swedish Massage

A relaxing full body massage concentrating on the individual needs of each client. This type of massage is the most recognized and most popular of the massages offered. A variety of styles of massage are used in every session (including deep tissue, shiatsu, and reflexology) to ensure a most pleasant and healing experience

$60 hr

Deep Tissue / Injury Specific

Massage using a “stronger” pressure technique and typically slower movements. Generally deep tissue massage is used for isolated work on injured or problematic muscle groups. Trigger points or pressure points are addressed in this type of treatment.

$90 1 ½ hr

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual (using hands) detoxification of your lymphatic system. A gentle circular moving massage encourages toxins and fluids to drain out of the body through the sinuses and urinary system. This massage helps the body’s’ natural process of toxin removal by encouraging lymph vessels to transport more lymphatic fluid. A gentle pumping of the axillaries’s and inguinal lymph nodes is also provided. This is a great benefit for people suffering from post surgical issues, sinus /headache, and sluggish body functions. Also exceptional result benefits to people exposed to harsh chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemicals due to their military performance. Reduces / eliminates cellulite*

$90 session / $260 for 3/ $850 for 10

Hot and Cold Stone

This massage affects mind and body and the results cannot be denied. It is an intense massage using jade stones varying in temperature from 34 degrees to 120 degrees. By alternating extreme hot and cold during the massage, hydrotherapy is created. This process forces circulation and the unbelievable relaxation of muscles and tissues that have ached for years. The deep penetrating effects of this ancient massage practice can be felt for days.

$120 session


Shiatsu massage is a massage type that offers each client a unique individual experience. Imagine each major organ in your body having an energy pathway to a point on your fingers or toes. Each of these "points" are massaged with accupressure during a shiatsu session. How you live or have lived your life affects how in excess or deficient of energy these meridians/organs are of energy. Acupressure (finger pressure) of all the energy/organ meridians in the body will release or charge tight muscles and provide the client with an assisted yoga type session. Stretching of these meridians releases “stuck’ energy or tightness. Emotions and past trauma are typically brought to surface by this type of massage.

$90 hr


Similar to Shiatsu in that the hands and feet are used as source points of massage during Reflexology massage. Pressure is applied to the hands and feet to stimulate nerve endings and provide energy bursts to every part of the body at its’ origin. Paraffin wax and salt scrub used to begin and end each session.

$80 1 1/2 hr

* massages/treatments must be done in a series of at least 10 for optimal benefits.


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