Ear Candling

Ear candling is a safe and effective of gently removing of wax, yeast, debris and micro-parasites that reside in the body's sinuses and ear canals. The procedure is non-invasive and we, the provider, take the utmost care and caution. Safe for children and the elderly ear candling can be an experience for the whole family. The procedure takes about 35 minutes and a variety of different oil-infused candles can be used depending on which types of symptoms each client has. Great for people suffering from head aches, sinus infection, itchy ears and vertigo.

$25 per session (4 candles- each additional candle is $3 per candle)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual (using hands) detoxification of your lymphatic system. A gentle circular moving massage encourages toxins and fluids to drain out of the body. This massage helps the body's' natural process of toxin removal by encouraging lymph vessels to transport more lymphatic fluid. A gentle pumping of the axillaries' and inguinal lymph nodes is also provided. This is a great benefit for people suffering from post surgical issues, sinus /headache, and sluggish body functions. Also exceptional result benefits to people exposed to harsh chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and toxic chemicals due to their military performance. Reduces / eliminates cellulite*

$90 session / $260 for 3/ $850 for 10

Infra Red Dry Heat Sauna

Manual Infra Red Dry Heat Saunas provide a dramatic increase in aiding the body's detoxification process. By sitting in a dry heat sauna the circulatory system and lymphatic system are stimulated. All massage clients will receive 15 minutes of sauna time to use directly following their massage.

$20 per half hour session

EB Cellular Foot Detox

"EB" Cellular Foot Detox simulates cellular energy and enhances the body's ability to internally cleanse itself naturally, at an increased rate, restoring and bring back to the body's natural pH balance and energy levels.

$35 session / $300 for 10

* detox/treatments must be done in a series of at least 10 for optimal benefits.


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